Monday, January 14, 2013

Lianne La Havas, I Am Officially In Love With You! (Wait, Is That Gay? LOL)

I consider myself a connoisseur of real music. And by real, I mean music with noteworthy production, thought provoking lyrics, and a voice that makes me sit up and take notice. Its been a long time since an artist that I've never heard of made me stop dead in my tracks (Amy Winehouse was the first), but Lianne La Havas did just that the first time I heard her voice. I was cleaning the house when her song "Lost & Found" came on one of my Pandora stations. Something about the raw edginess to her voice made me stop what I was doing and Google her immediately. Who the hell was this girl, and why I had never heard of her before?!? My ears needed more of this, ASAP. Turns out, Ms. La Havas hails from the UK, and will be embarking on a stateside tour in a few months, with a stop in Atlanta on April 13th. I will be front and center, acting like the ultimate groupie! If you've never heard of her, check out some of her stuff below. If you're a lover of good music like I am, you just might get hooked :-)


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  1. She is one of my favorite newer artists out, really reminds me of Corrine Bailey should check out Yuna, Carlitta Durand, Gary Clark Jr and KING