Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Dopest Sh*t I've Heard All Year (Eargasm)...

Most people who know me know that I'm a live music fanatic. I went to my first concert when I was 8 (Patti LaBelle and Norman Brown) and I've been absolutely hooked ever since...I've probably been to at least 100 in my lifetime. Anyway, last night I had the pleasure of seeing Nas and Lauryn Hill at The Tabernacle here in Atlanta. I already knew that Nas was going to put on a great show, but I was more than skeptical about Ms. Lauryn. In the last couple of years, her live shows have gotten terrible reviews... from showing up hours late, to forgetting lyrics and delivering terrible vocal quality. Despite all that, I decided to give her a shot anyway. And I must say, I was absolutely blown away! Her performance was more than on point (as was Nas), and definitely worth every bit of the $74.00 I paid for tickets. In addition to performing her gems from the "Miseducation..." album and classics from "The Score" (my voice is now hoarse from rapping all the words to "Fugee-La" and "How Many Mics" at the top of my lungs...LOL), she performed a brand new song called "Black Rage," which I immediately fell in love with. Set to the tune of one of my favorite songs ("My Favorite Things" from the "Sound of Music," though I'm partial to the Charlie Parker version), the song strikes a nerve considering the tense political climate we face. I normally don't record songs at concerts, but I had to capture this one and share it. Check it out...and sense some of the words are a little hard to understand, the lyrics are included below. Enjoy!

I simply remember all these kinds of things
And then I don’t fear so bad…

Black rage is founded who fed us self hatred
Lies and abuse while we waited and waited
Spiritual treason
This grid and it's cages
Black rage was founded on these kinds of things

Black rage is founded on dreaming and draining
Threatening your freedom
To stop your complaining
Poisoning your water
While they say it's raining
Then call you mad
For complaining, complaining
Old time bureaucracy
Drugging the youth
Black rage is founded on blocking the truth
Murder and crime
Compromise and distortion
Sacrifice, sacrifice
Who makes this fortune?
Greed, falsely called progress
Such human contortion
Black rage is founded on these kinds of things

So when the dog bites
And the ceilings
And I’m feeling mad
I simply remember all these kinds of things
And then I don’t fear so bad

Free enterprise
Is it myth or illusion
Forcing you back into purposed confusion
Black human trafficking
Or blood transfusion
Black rage is founded on these kinds of things
Victims of violence
Both psyche and body
Life out of context IS living ungodly
Politics, politics
Greed falsely called wealth
Black rage is founded on denying of self
Black human packages
Tied and subsistence
Having to justify your very existence
Try if you must
But you can’t have my soul
Black rage is founded on ungodly control
So when the dog bites
And the beatings
And I’m feeling so sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things
And then I don’t feel so bad


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  1. Wow... Patti LaBelle was my first live concert as well. Glad to hear that Ms. Hill still DELIVERS! I can't wait to hear "Black Rage"

    Once again, thanks for sharing!