Sunday, May 6, 2012


Its been so long since I've blogged, I had to blow the dust off my page! But my life has been a whirlwind lately, as I'm preparing to pack my bags and move to Atlanta. This weekend I went home to Charleston to spend some much needed family time before the big move. Whenever I'm home, I usually stay with Saisha, my cousin/sister/bestest friend. Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Saisha...there are very few people in life who could ask me for absolutely anything (including a bodily organ or a limb) with no questions asked, and she's near the top of that list. Anyway, being together this weekend reminded me of a poem that I wrote years ago for a creative writing class in undergrad. The assignment was to write  a poem about a childhood experience, and this one by far sticks out as one of my favorites.

For Saisha

We sit side by side on the couch
as Mama and Auntie
make their way to the front door.
“Y’all be good for ya Granddaddy,” they say,
sashaying out to the club in
brand new high heels, tight miniskirts, and fresh new hairdos.
We listen for the sound of the ignition,
and peek through the curtains for
any sign of headlights.

It’s time for the real party to begin.

We run to the bedrooms that
we share with our Mamas and
rifle through their drawers,
looking for something sexy to wear.

I select a red satin nightgown,
the straps falling off my thin shoulders.
You put on a green gown with black lace.
We find the perfect shoes to match our dresses,
completing our look with two t-shirt wigs,
a red one for you and a black one for me.

We strut into our nightclub,
swaying our narrow hips as hard as we can.
BET becomes the DJ, and our red Kool-Aid
is the most delicious wine we’ve ever tasted.
We dance all night long with every cute boy
in the club, careful not to wake Granddaddy
with our wild party.

By midnight we’ve both had too much to drink
and we stagger to our bedrooms,
putting away our grown-up selves
till next Saturday night.

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