Tuesday, August 3, 2010

27 Ways to Grow, Part 1

In exactly five days, I will be turning 27 years old! What an old lady I've become :-) It's funny how the days leading up to my birthday always seem to send me into reflection mode. I feel like I've come such a long way,  and it has certainly been a crazy ride, full of exhilarating highs, devastating lows, and everything else in between. Anyway, this week I've decided to compile a list of 27 of the most important things I've learned in the last 27 years, ranging from utterly cliche to shockingly deep. These are just based on my own personal experiences, and while some of these lessons I've mastered, many of them are still a work in progress. I will be elaborating on random points from this list over the next few days. This is in no particular order, so here goes...

1. God doesn't love me because of who I am, He loves me in spite of who I am.
2. All friendships aren't meant to last forever.
3. Credit is important, and the things you carelessly charge today will end up costing you twice as much tomorrow when its time to pay for them.
4. Reading is fundamental.
5. The past is the past. Dragging it into the present doesn't change it, alter it, or fix it in any shape, fashion, or form.
6. I can't change anyone. People are who they are, and I can either accept them for that, or go on about my business.
7. Saying "I was wrong," or "I'm sorry" doesn't make me weak or incompetent.
8. Trying to impress people who don't matter takes a lot of time and effort, and usually produces little results.
9. Once trust has exited a relationship, I should quickly follow it, because it rarely comes back again.
10. Habitually consuming alcohol and marijuana on a regular basis isn't cool or fun, no matter how many of your friends are doing it. Quite simply, it means that you're an alcoholic or a drug addict. It is also an indicator that you have a much deeper problem that you're too much of a coward to address when you're sober.
11. In relationships, people cheat because they can.
12. There is no shame in asking for help.
13. Being negative and pessimistic takes entirely too much energy.
14. Sex isn't an avenue to make a person love you, like you, respect you, or be with you.
15. Money doesn't equal happiness.
16. No matter how much your parents love you, and do their very best to raise you, inevitably, they will f**k you up in some kind of way. We all have childhood issues. We can either drag the baggage with us, or suck it up and put our best foot forward.
17. Therapy/counseling is a beautiful thing.
18. Good friends are one of the greatest gifts in the world.
19. Sitting in church every Sunday doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage every night makes you a car.
20. It's okay to cry sometimes. Vulnerability does not make me a wimp.
21. Sometimes, silence is the best reply. Stupidity doesn't always need to be dignified with a response.
22. Actions speak louder than words. In the famous words of Maya Angelou, "When a person shows you who they really are, believe them."
23. Tact is one of the best personal qualities to develop.
24. Not everybody is going to like me, and that's okay.
25. Complaining is for losers.
26. Looks aren't everything. I have to devote as much time to my spiritual and mental development as I do my physical appearance. 
27. It's not all about me. A selfish life is a wasted life.

I have so many other things I can add, but 27 is the magic number, so I shall end here. I've learned a lot, and knowledge is most definitely power. Until next time...


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  1. Very nice my sistah......u get two snaps around the world for that one!!!!